Pool Fleet Solution in the UK


“Find out how Hertz 24/7 can optimise your pool

     fleet and drive significant cost savings”.


Pool Fleet Made Easy


Hertz 24/7 offers a complete pool fleet

solution, featuring an online reservation

system, keyless vehicle access and a

powerful fleet management tool.



PinPad access

Access the entire fleet with our

keyless entry system.

No more lost keys.


24/7 Availability

Vehicles available when you want them.

Book and drive at any time of the day or

night, including weekends.

Online Reservations

Facilitate vehicle bookings using our

mobile app and mobile friendly website.

Online Fleet Manager

Get real-time visibility of your

fleet status and performance.

What Are The Benefits?

Our technology helps organisations to make smarter fleet choices – improving the driver experience and helping to save money in the process.

Optimise vehicle utilisation whilst reducing the cost and the size of your fleet.

Automate your fleet administration.

Eliminate your grey fleet and mileage claims

Eliminate your lost vehicle key issues.

Reduce your vehicle damage costs.

Ensure compliance with duty of care.
Ensure compliance with duty of care.

Ensure compliance with duty of care.

How It Works

With our online reservation system and SmartKey vehicle access, Hertz 24/7 brings convenience to your drivers.

It as easy as Book, Swipe, Go.


Book online or using mobile apps. Select the vehicle you want and for as long as needed, from as little as an hour.


To access the vehicle you simply need hold the SmartKey over the reader behind the windshield until the light turns green and the doors unlock.


Answer two security questions using the in-vehicle display. Start the engine with the keys located next to the steering wheel, and drive away.


Park your vehicle in its dedicated bay and end your rental using the in-vehicle display. Hold the SmartKey over the reader to lock the vehicle.

Hertz 24/7 Online Fleet Manager

The powerful Hertz 24/7 Pool Fleet online fleet manager helps our customers to manage and report on every aspect of their fleet.

Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility and control of the status and performance of each vehicle in your fleet.

Vehicle utilisation reports

Know which drivers are using your vehicles and how they are using them.

Maintenance scheduling

Know exactly when upcoming maintenance and repair outage is due in order to manage vehicle down time.

Maintenance scheduling

Know exactly when upcoming maintenance and repair outage is due in order to manage vehicle down time.

Performance dashboards

Analyse your fleet to improve efficiency and optimise performance.

GPS monitoring

Know exactly where your vehicles are. Find vehicles when parked in the wrong spot, and know where the vehicle is if the driver is running late.

Vehicle connectivity

Need to speak directly to the driver? Our vehicles have an integrated hands free phone system so that you can always stay connected.

What Our Customers Say

Louise Crouch

Hertz 24/7 Customer

‘Hertz 24/7 is a bit like Apple – it just works. Quick, simple, efficient, with no hassle, I can hire cars when I want them, and drop them back when I don’t. It’s low cost and saves me a fortune on taxis.'

Max Vialou-Clark

Retail Services Director, BAA

‘We are very pleased with the efficiency that the Hertz 24/7 solution provides for our employee pool cars, making it far easier to manage our liveried vehicles whilst reducing costs. What’s more, our partnership with Hertz 24/7 is a key program to support our environmental sustainability initiatives.’

James Powell

Global Commodity Manager, E2V

‘Hertz 24/7 has been introduced almost two years ago, and the rewards reaped have continuously grown. Though there was an initial amount of set up work to be done, the process is refined and employees are growing ever more confident in using the cars. Not only has Hertz 24/7 environmental benefits, it also adds convenience and autonomy to both employees and those who manage the service.’

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