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    • General Information

      question What is Hertz 24/7™?

      Hertz 24/7™ gives you the convenience and flexibility of having access to a wide range of vans, for as long or as little as you like. You can rent from just an hour right up to a week. You can also pick up at any hour of day or night. It’s free to join, so you only pay for as long as you rent. What's more, insurance and maintenance are included in the rate.

      question How do I book?

      Before you can use the service, you need to register, which takes just a couple of minutes. Then you can book online; via our smartphone app; or in-store tablets at selected partner stores in IKEA, B&Q, Costco and Bunnings. You can also book over the phone, yet there’s a £5 charge. Once you’ve booked, complete your registration by getting a membership pack from your local store and contact our team to validate your membership.

      question Where can I pick up a van?

      You’ll find them in hundreds of IKEA, B&Q, Costco and Bunnings stores across the UK. 

      question How do I contact Hertz 24/7™?

      You can contact us via the ‘contact us’ form on the website or from with in the Hertz 24/7 van using the parrot device and requesting a call back.

      question Why use Hertz 24/7™?

      It enables you to get bulky purchases home quickly and easily, without having to wait for them to be delivered, or worry about the condition of it. It’s also a cost-effective way to move large amounts of furniture, equipment or belongings.

      question How will I be charged?

      When you join, we'll ask for your credit or Visa debit card details. At the end of each rental, we'll send you an invoice and debit your account for the amount shown.

      question Where do I find the vehicle?

      Check our locations map to find the exact spot where your vehicle will be parked. We'll also email and text you confirmation.

    • Joining

      question How will I know if I’ve been accepted?

      We’ll send you confirmation of your registration by email or text.

      question Are there any age restrictions?

      You must be 21 or over, have held a licence for a minimum of 1 year and had no suspensions in the last 5 years. You need to have a Credit or Visa debit card account in your name. You also need to provide us with a mobile number and email address, so we can send you van reservation details and your entry PIN.

      question How long does my membership last?

      Membership never expires and it’s always free.

      question Can I have other drivers on my membership, like a family member?

      The membership is personal to you. No one else can drive on your membership. They’ll need to register as a separate user.

      question How will I know if the reservation is confirmed?

      We'll email confirmation of the reservation and text you too, if you prefer. Make sure you check these details, as they'll include the van’s location, the fuel type (diesel or unleaded), and any other important information.

      question What do I need to bring with me?

      If you are planning on registering inside a partner store you will need your driving licence, credit or visa debit and mobile telephone. If you are a registered member and have a confirmed booking you will need to bring your mobile telephone that is registered to your account and it's always a good idea to have your driving licence with you.

      question I’m a current member with and RFID key fob, are RFID key fobs still valid?

      Yes, but you’ll also receive a 6-digit PIN each time you book. You can use either to access the van.

      question Who pays for fuel?

      Fuel is included. However, mileage rates apply. 

      question Is my payment secure?

      Yes. We also follow all appropriate Data Protection legislation regarding personal and financial data.

    • Booking

      question What happens if my contact details change?

      Just log in to your membership online and amend your details.

      question What happens if my driving licence status changes?

      You'll need to let us know if you gain or lose any penalty points on your licence – Email us with the details via the contact us page. You’ll also need to update the details on your profile.

      question How do I change my mailing preferences?

      Update your account preferences using the 'My Account' option on the website. However, we will always send your invoices to you.

      question Are there any fees for changing my reservation?

      You can change your booking up to 6 hours before it's due to start, at no extra charge. If it’s within two hours, you’ll pay for the reserved period, up to a maximum of one day's fee.

      question How far in advance can I book?

      You can reserve a vehicle up to six months in advance.

      question Is there a maximum number of reservations I can make?

      There’s a limit of four advance bookings per member at any one time, to make sure vans are available for as many of our members as possible at any one time. 

      question What if my first choice of vehicle is already booked?

      If it’s not available at your preferred location, please pick an alternative time or date, or visit the location map to check the availability of similar vehicles nearby.

      question Are there fees for cancelling a reservation?

      You can cancel your booking up to 6 hours before it's due to start, at no extra charge. If it’s within two hours, you’ll pay for the reserved period, up to a maximum of one day's fee.

      question How do I extend my reservation?

      You can extend a booking via the Hertz 24/7™ website; on the app; or by using the in-van communication system. As long as you have the required funds to cover the cost.

      question Does Hertz 24/7™ offer corporate rates?

      For corporate rates, please get in touch using the 'Contact us' form on Hertz247.co.uk and one of our Business Development Managers will call you back as soon as possible.

      question Can I use Hertz 24/7™ in other Hertz 24/7™ cities?

      If you’re registered, you can currently use Hertz 24/7™ at any location in the UK, France, Germany, Spain and Australia.

      question Hertz 24/7™ isn't in my area - can I still book a vehicle?

      Unfortunately not. However our network is expanding daily, so please check the locations map regularly or give our team a call.

      question How are your vehicles maintained?

      Our fleet is looked after by a team of dedicated professionals who follow the same high standard we apply to all Hertz cars. Besides normal maintenance, we also carry out a monthly 40-point quality check on all our vehicles.

      question Which credit cards do you accept?

      We accept all major credit cards.

    • Your journey

      question Where do I find the keys?

      Once you've unlocked the vehicle, using your access PIN code you or your key fob, you’ll find the keys on a tether under the steering wheel.

      question What if the vehicle I've booked is returned late by the driver before me?

      If you find your vehicle isn't waiting for you when you arrive, please speak to one of our team and they will offer you an alternative.

      question Where should I return the vehicle?

      Please bring the vehicle back to the same parking bay you collect it from.

      question What if my parking bay’s taken when I return the vehicle?

      Please park in next bay closest to the Hertz bay.

      question How do I unlock the vehicle?

      Use the 6-digit PIN we send you 2-5 minutes before the rental.

      question What if the vehicle doesn't start?

      Just speak to our team via the in-van communications system. They'll either fix it remotely or find another vehicle for you in the area.

      question What if the vehicle’s damaged?

      You can either answer 'Yes' to the new damage question when prompted by the in-van communication system and one of our team will call you back, or you can call our team before you start to drive.

      question What if the vehicle has no fuel or less than a quarter of a tank?

      If there’s less than a quarter of a tank, refuel the van using the fuel card provided. You’ll find the fuel card access PIN on the in-van communication system. If there’s no fuel at all in the van, please contact our team.

      question What if I have a question or concern about my journey?

      Just ask for a call-back using the display pad and a one of our team will be happy to help.

      question Does it matter if I pick the vehicle up late?

      You can pick up your vehicle whenever you want during your booking period. However, you'll still be charged from the original start time until the rental ends.

      question What happens if I return the vehicle late?

      If you run over your allocated time slot without extending your rental beforehand, you’ll be charged an extra hour and an admin fee.

      question What if the vehicle I booked isn't there?

      Please ensure to check the immediate surrounding area, it you are unable to locate your vehicle, please contact our team and they’ll offer you an alternative option.

      question Can I return the vehicle early?

      You can bring the vehicle back at any time during your reservation period, but you’ll still be charged for the whole booking period, up to a maximum of ten hours.

      question What if the vehicle is not clean inside or out?

      We hope all our customers leave vehicles clean and tidy. If yours isn't clean, let us know.

      question Do I have to clean the vehicle when I return it?

      For the benefit of other users, please make sure you leave the vehicle clean and tidy.

      question Can I carry pets in the vehicle?

      Sorry, we don't allow any pets in our vehicles, except for guide dogs and hearing dogs.

      question Do you provide child seats?

      We're not able to supply child seats in our vans. However, you’re welcome to use your own.

      question What if I find something in a vehicle or leave something of my own?

      If you find anything in the vehicle that's not yours, or if you leave something behind, just let our team know and they’ll take care of it.

      question Do I have to pay any urban congestion charge?

      No, all vans have the congestion charge paid already.

      question What happens if I get a ticket or fine?

      If you're caught speeding; or you get a parking ticket, or you incur any other fine, it's your responsibility to pay.

      question Do I have to pay for any fines myself?

      You'll need to pay all fines in exactly the same way you would if you were using your own vehicle. If you don't pay, we’ll cover the cost at first. However, we’ll later charge you the full amount, plus an administration fee.

      question Are there any extra charges to pay on the booking?

      There’s a mileage rate on every booking. If you damage the van, there’s also an insurance excess to pay. This is £850 if you’re over 25 and £1050 if you’re under 25.

      question Can I smoke in the vehicle?

      For the benefit of the user after you, please don’t smoke in any Hertz 24/7™ vehicle.

      question How do I contact the Customer Care Centre?

      Just ask for a call back from inside the vehicle using the in-van communication system.

      question What if the vehicle I've booked is returned late by the previous driver?

      We ask all our members to return their vehicles punctually, so hopefully this won't happen. If you do find your vehicle isn't waiting for you when you arrive, please speak to one of the Customer Care Centre team who will find an alternative vehicle.

      question Can members drive a vehicle during another member's booking?

      No, unfortunately not. Only the member that has booked the vehicle is permitted to drive.

      question How do I lock the vehicle?

      The same way you open it, or by pressing and holding ‘0’.

      question What happens if I end the rental and lock my belongings in the vehicle?

      Get in touch with the team and they'll make sure you get all your belongings back.

      question What happens if the vehicle breaks down?

      Every booking comes complete with 24-hour breakdown cover, so just call our team using the in-van communication system and we'll take care of everything.

      question What should I do if I collide with another vehicle?

      Contact the team using the in-van communication system. We’ll take care of everything from there, yet we recommend to get the details of the 3rd party and to take photos of the damage to both vehicles.

    • Billing, fees and insurance

      question What other charges might I have to pay?

      There will always be a mileage charge, the only other time there are extra charges is if you have an accident or you damage the vehicle. The insurance excess is £850 if you’re over 25 and £1050 if you’re under 25. Also, if you're caught speeding, get a parking ticket or you don’t pay the congestion charge (if applicable), any penalties you get will be your responsibility to pay.



      question Will I be liable for a late return fee if the vehicle breaks down?

      In the unlikely event of a breakdown, you won’t be liable for any extra charges unless you caused the vehicle to breakdown. Just call our team and they’ll take care of it - 24-hour roadside assistance is included in your booking.



      question What if I get towed away or clamped?

      We'll pay the fine at first, but we’ll charge it back to you later, along with an admin fee.

      question Will my credit card cover my damage fee?

      Different credit cards have different protection schemes, Therefore, it's best to check with your card provider to see if they'll cover your Hertz 24/7™ booking.

      question What does the insurance on my booking cover me for?

      It covers you for any damage to the vehicle, up to the excess amount, if you have additional protection. However, you'll still be responsible for any costs up to the excess amount of the additional protection, which we’ll add to your bill.

      Provided you follow the terms and conditions of the rental, you'll also be protected by third party motor insurance, as required by law. This means, if you have an accident, you're covered for damage to other vehicles, other properties and injured parties.

      If you don’t follow the terms and conditions of rental, or the loss, damage or theft is caused intentionally or by gross negligence, you’ll lose the benefit of any insurance and the additional protection we provide.

      question Do I have to pay any excess?

      If you damage the vehicle; or something is taken from it; or if it’s stolen, you'll only pay an £850 excess if you’re over 25, and £1050 if you’re under 25. If the repair cost is less than the excess, we'll refund you the difference, minus an admin fee.

      question Will my personal car insurance cover my damage fee?

      When you drive a Hertz 24/7™ vehicle you're only covered under our policy. Your own insurance won’t be valid.