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    • General Information

      question What is Hertz 24/7™?

      Hertz 24/7 gives you easy access to a wide range of vehicles whenever you need one. Simply collect the vehicle anytime and rent from as little as an hour or as much as a week. 

      Hertz 24/7 is free to join and Collision Damage Waiver and Third Party Insurance are included in the price.

      question How do I book a vehicle?

      You can book online, via our app or in-store on tablets at participating partner branches.

      Alternatively, there’s a £5 admin charge if you’d rather book over the phone.

      Simply make your first booking and then register to join Hertz 24/7.  

      Book by Android

      Book by iPhone

      question How will I be charged?

      We will preauthorise up to 200% of the initial charges (48) hours before you start your rental or immediately if your rental commences within 48 hours. The booking will only be confirmed once authorisation has been successfully obtained. Preauthorisation’s will be released the same day as the vehicle is returned once all charges have been deducted, any delay in the deposit being returned will be from your credit or debit card issuing bank.

      question Where can I pick up a vehicle?

      You can collect your Hertz 24/7 vehicle in the car park at participating partner locations.

      question How do I contact Hertz 24/7?

      Please use the Contact Us form on our website. [CA1] If you’re already in the vehicle, simply use the display-pad system to request a call back. Alternatively, call our dedicated hotline on 02073654199.

      question Why use Hertz 24/7?

      It’s a great way to get bulky purchases home quickly, easily and safely. Our vehicles are also ideal for moving house or transporting loads of furniture and equipment.

      question How will I be charged?

      Your credit or debit card payment details are part of your Hertz 24/7 member registration. We email a receipt to you at the end of each rental and charge your card for the amount owed.

      question How do I find the vehicle?

      Your Booking Confirmation includes details on where to find the vehicle. This information is also available to you online via the app or our website. Please ensure you check the pick-up location’s opening hours and any car park restrictions before you book your vehicle.  If you intend to leave your own, private vehicle at the site please register this with partner staff at the location.

    • Joining

      question What details do you require?

      In order to join Hertz 24/7 you’ll need to provide the following details:

      ·       A valid driving licence in your own name

      ·       A credit or debit card in your own name

      ·       Your own mobile phone number and your own personal email address.

      We then carry out the necessary ID checks before confirming your registration.

      question How old do I have to be to hire a vehicle?

      You must be 21 years of age or over to hire and drive one of our vehicles. You also need to have held a full driving licence for at least a year and have had no suspensions in the last 5 years.

      question How will I know if my registration has been accepted?

      We’ll send you an email or text to confirm that we’ve received your registration documents and contact you once your application has been processed. 

      question Will my membership expire?

      No. You’re a member for as long as you’d like to be. Just as long as your driving licence is valid and you continue to meet our rental requirements. Other terms and conditions may apply.

      question Can other drivers, such as my family, share my membership?

      No. The membership is personal and exclusive to you. Please feel free to recommend us though.

      question How will I know if my reservation is confirmed?

      We will email and text you the reservation confirmation.

      question What do I need to book and join in store?

      You’ll need your driving licence, credit or debit card, and your mobile phone number.

    • Booking

      question Is my Hertz 24/7 RFID key fob still OK to use?

      Yes. However, you will also receive a unique 6-digit PIN each time you book, as an additional way to open the vehicle. Touchless Hertz 24/7 app key entry is also available at selected locations.

      question Is the cost of the fuel included?

      No. Fuel will be charged on a pence per mileage basis, all vehicles should come with a fuel card under the sun visor and at least a quarter tank of fuel. You should return the vehicle this way too.

      question Is my payment secure?

      Yes. We also follow all appropriate Data Protection legislation regarding personal and financial data.

      question What happens if my contact details change?

      Just log into your Hertz 24/7 membership profile online and amend your details.

      question What happens if my driving licence status changes?

      Please email us via the Contact Us page on our website as we need to know if you’ve gained or lost any penalty points on your driving licence. You’ll need to update your Hertz 24/7 membership profile.

      question How do I change my mailing preferences?

      Please update your account preferences using our website’s 'My Account’ option (Android & iPhone). Invoices are always emailed as part of the service.

      question Are there any fees for changing or cancelling my reservation?

      You can change or cancel your booking up to 6 hours before your vehicle pick-up time free of charge. If it’s within 6 hours of pick up, you’ll be charged for the reserved period, up to a maximum of one day's fee. 

      question How far can I book a vehicle in advance?

      You can reserve a vehicle with us up to 6 months in advance.

      question Is there a maximum number of advance bookings I can make?

      Yes. There’s a limit of four advance bookings per member. This ensures more members have greater access to more vehicles.

      question What if the vehicle I’d like is already booked?

      If the vehicle you would like to book isn’t available at your preferred location, please pick an alternative time or date, or check availability at other locations nearby.

      question How do I extend my booking?

      It’s free to extend your booking via the Hertz 24/7 website, the Hertz 24/7 app or by using the display-pad system inside the vehicle. Alternatively, call our dedicated hotline on 02073654199 and pay a £5 admin charge.

      question Does Hertz 24/7 offer corporate rates?

      Yes. Please request a call back from one of our Business Development Managers via UK247docs@hertz.com to discuss a rate that’s tailored to your business.

      question Can I use Hertz 24/7 in any other countries?

      Yes. If you’re registered with us you can currently use Hertz 24/7 at any participating location in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Australia.

      question How are your vehicles maintained?

      A team of dedicated professionals looks after our fleet of Hertz 24/7 vehicles. In addition to our usual scheduled maintenance, we carry out a monthly 40-point quality check on every vehicle.

      question Which payment methods do you accept?

      We accept all major credit and debit cards, except Electron cards.

    • Your journey

      question Where will I find the keys?

      You’ll find the keys inside the vehicle on a tether under the steering wheel. If not there please check the other compartments.

      question Should I ever use the keys to lock and unlock the vehicle?

      No. To do so may cause issues during your rental. The keys must be left on the tether inside the vehicle at all times. Please use your key fob or PIN to lock and unlock the vehicle during your rental. Or the app key if applicable.

      question What if the vehicle I've booked is returned late by the customer before me?

      We’ll always try to reach you in time to let you know. However, if you haven’t heard from us, please contact us ASAP and we’ll arrange an alternative vehicle.

      question Where should I return the vehicle?

      Please return the vehicle to the Hertz 24/7 designated parking bay at the location.

      question What if my designated parking bay is already taken?

      Please park the vehicle in the bay closest to the Hertz 24/7 bay.

      question How do I unlock the vehicle?

      Please use your Hertz 24/7-member key fob or the 6-digit PIN that we send you by text up to 10 minutes before the rental commences. If you have the Hertz 24/7 App you can also unlock your vehicle direct from the APP

      question What if the vehicle doesn't start?

      Check that you have answered the questions on the display-pad system before starting the vehicle. The vehicle has a security feature that engages the immobiliser if the ignition is off for more than 2 minutes. To restart the engine, if immobilised, remove the key from the ignition, lock and unlock the vehicle and enter your PIN code or swipe your access fob. If the vehicle is still doesn’t start, speak to our team via the display-pad system. They'll either fix the problem remotely or find another vehicle for you to use nearby.

      question What if the vehicle is damaged?

      Please verify by looking at the on-board VPI/damage sheet that the damage has not already been reported to us.

      If there is new damage, simply answer 'Yes' to the new damage question when prompted by the in-vehicle display-pad system. A member of our team will then call you to record the details.

      question What if the vehicles fuel tank is empty or is less than a quarter full?

      If the tank is less than a quarter full, please let us know and refuel using the fuel card provided. You’ll find the fuel card under the sun visor and the fuel card access PIN code on the display-pad system. If there’s no fuel at all in the vehicle, or if you could not find the fuel card, please contact our Customer Service Team using the display pad system.

      question What if I have a question or any concerns about my journey?

      Simply ask us for a callback using the display-pad system and a one of our team will be happy to help.

      question Does it matter if I pick up the vehicle late?

      You can collect the vehicle at any time within your booking period. However, you will still be charged from the original start time until the rental ends.

      question What happens if I return the vehicle late?

      If you overrun your allocated time slot without extending your rental beforehand, you’ll be charged at a higher hourly rate for the additional time you use the vehicle, this varies by vehicle and location.  You will also be charged a standard late fee. 

      question What if the vehicle I booked isn't there?

      Please be sure to check the immediate surrounding area. If you’re still unable to locate your vehicle, please contact our Customer Service Team. You’ll find the number in your Booking Conformation and you’ll be offered an alternative vehicle.

      question Can I return the vehicle early?

      Yes. You can return the vehicle at any time during your rental period. However, you’ll still be charged for the whole booking period.

      question What if the vehicle isn’t clean inside or out?

      We do ask our customers to leave the vehicle clean and tidy at the end of each rental. We also maintain our fleet of vehicles on a regular basis. However, please do let us know if you’re unhappy with the vehicles condition.

      question Do I have to clean the vehicle when I return it?

      Yes. For the benefit of the next customer, please make sure the inside of the vehicle is in a clean condition at the end of your rental.

      question Am I allowed to carry pets in the vehicle?

      No. Pets aren’t permitted in our vehicles – except for guide dogs and hearing dogs.

      question Do you provide child seats?

      No.  However, you’re very welcome to use your own.

      question What if I find something in the vehicle or leave something of my own behind?

      Not a problem. Please just contact our team and we’ll take care of it.

      question Do I have to pay any Congestion Charges?

      No. We’ve taken care of that already.

      question What happens if I get a speeding ticket or parking fine?

      As you would expect, things like tolls, speeding tickets, parking fines and ferry fees are your responsibility to pay.

      question How do I go about paying for any fines?

      Fines need to be handled and paid by you in the usual way – just as you would with your own vehicle. If, for some reason, the fine is unpaid at first, we’ll cover the initial cost and ask you to reimburse us later – plus an admin fee of £45.

      question Are there any extra charges I need to be aware of?

      Yes. There’s a mileage rate on every booking. If you damage the vehicle, there’s an insurance excess to pay. This is £1000 on cars or £1200 on vans. Gross Negligence (e.g. roof damage, ad-blue or fuel contamination) and Vehicle Abuse is not covered by the Collision Damage Waiver and Third Party Insurance that are covered in the vehicle rental rate

      question Can I add SuperCover insurance to my vehicle rental?

      No.  Our SuperCover, excess reduction insurance policy isn’t available with Hertz 24/7 vehicle rental.

      question Can I smoke inside the vehicle?

      No. Please don’t smoke inside any Hertz 24/7 vehicle. Our vehicles have been classified as strictly non-smoking areas since 1 May 2013. It’s part of our drive to provide a safe, clean fleet for all of our employees and customers. Thank you for your consideration.

      A cleaning fee of £50 will be added to your invoice if we find evidence of smoking inside the vehicle during your rental period. 

      question How do I contact the Hertz 24/7 Team during the rental period?

      Simply request a call back using the display-pad system provided inside the vehicle.

      question Are other Hertz 24/7 members allowed to drive the vehicle during my booking?

      No.  You are the only member insured to drive the vehicle that you have booked.

      question How do I lock the vehicle?

      Please use your 6-digit PIN code or swipe your Hertz 247 fob to lock the vehicle (you open the vehicle the same way). Alternatively, press and hold ‘0’ on the external keypad to lock the vehicle. Do not use the key. It must remain inside the vehicle at all times.

      question What if I lock my belongings in the vehicle by mistake at the end of the rental?

      Not to worry. Simply get in touch with our Customer Service Team and they’ll make sure your belongings are returned to you. Alternatively, call our dedicated hotline on 02073654199.

      question What if the vehicle breaks down?

      Every booking comes complete with 24-hour breakdown cover. Just call our team using the display-pad system that’s inside the vehicle and we'll take care of everything.

      question What should I do if I collide with another vehicle?

      Please contact the Hertz 24/7 team immediately, using the display-pad system inside the vehicle. We’ll then take care of everything. Just be sure to get the details of the third party involved in the accident and to take photos of the damage done to both vehicles. Failure to report any incident may invalidate your insurance cover. 

    • Billing, fees and insurance

      question Are there any additional charges?

      Yes. There’s a small mileage charge with each Hertz 24/7 booking.

      Additional charges also apply if you damage the vehicle or are involved in an accident. The insurance excess is £1000 for cars and £1200 for vans.

      question Will I be asked to pay a late return fee if the vehicle breaks down?

      No. In the highly unlikely event of a breakdown, you won’t be liable for any extra charges (unless you caused the breakdown of course). 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance is included in your booking.

      question What if the vehicle is towed away or clamped?

      We'll pay the fine at first and then add it to your invoice, together with a £42 admin fee.

      question Can I rely on my credit card provider’s insurance scheme to cover any damage?

      It’s best to check with your credit card provider before you make your Hertz 24/7 booking as different credit cards have different insurance protection schemes.

      question What does the insurance on my booking cover me for?

      The insurance covers you for damage to the vehicle, over and above the excess amount. The excess is the maximum you are liable to pay in the event of a claim.

      Provided you follow the terms and conditions of Your Rental Agreement, you'll also be protected by Third Party Liability Insurance, which is included as standard and is required by law. This covers you for damage to other vehicles, other property and injured parties in the event of an accident.

      If vehicle loss, damage or theft is caused intentionally. If you put the wrong fuel into the vehicle, contaminate the fuel tank or contaminate the Ad blue tank all such damage will be categorised as gross negligence and you will be liable for the cost of repair. If the vehicle is stolen you will only be charged the excess amount.

      question Do I have to pay any excess?

      In the event of vehicle damage, loss or theft you’ll be liable to pay an excess of £1000 for card or £1200 for vans. If the repair is less than the excess, we’ll refund you the difference, minus an admin fee.

      question Will my personal car insurance cover my damage fee?

      No. Your personal car insurance isn’t valid for Hertz 24/7 vehicles. Our vehicles are only covered by the insurance policies we provide or make available in relation to your booking.